Trainer Briefings

About the Briefings

Trainer briefings are an important part of maintaining approval for our Passport Schemes.

When we redevelop our Passport Schemes, you will have to renew your approval as a trainer (or assessor for BESC: AME). As part of this process, you will have to attend a Trainer Briefing.

At these briefings, usually half-day, we take you through the major changes to make sure you get the most out of the schemes when you deliver them. It’s also a chance for us to share with you any new support materials and exemplar activities.

Examples of topics covered in a briefing are:

  • Accessing the data drive and the menu design of the scheme
  • Administration process and responsibilities as a trainer for the scheme and assessment
  • Trainers Guides and scheme Programme Leader Guide/Specifications
  • Scheme structure and conversion
  • Audit & quality assurance of trainers
  • Practice of the delivery in groups
  • Documentation process
  • A test – for National Water Hygiene only

Find Out More

For more information on when we run Trainer Briefings, please contact the Quality Team via email: or call 0121 745 1310.

For information about fees, please see our Price List.