Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Schemes (SHEA)

What is SHEA?

About SHEA

A SHEA EUSR registration gives confidence there is the required knowledge and understanding to work safely in an operational environment.  The training embeds best practice in health and safety and environmental awareness and supports the HSE’s essential principles for good health and safety performance.

Our SHEA schemes are developed in collaboration with employers and key stakeholders from across the industries in our sector, so the content is relevant – all helping to improve the safety of the workforce and reduce costs associated with injury, illness or accidents.

The industry specific content, sometimes called ‘contextualisation’, makes our SHEA schemes 100% relatable – it’s easier to understand the relevance to the day job – again supporting a safer workplace.

Each SHEA scheme consists of core modules plus contextualised industry specific modules. We currently have SHEA schemes for the following industries:

We also have additional SHEA schemes including SHEA Cross-Country Pipelines (CCP), SHEA Core, SHEA Drains and Sewers and SHEA SWITCH. To find out more about each of our specific SHEA schemes and how they are contextualised to industry, click on the relevant link above.

Do you want to be trained?

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If you would like to talk to us about the SHEA scheme please email and we will be in touch with you.

Want to become a SHEA trainer?

If you are interested in becoming a SHEA trainer there is a four step approval route to registration. Once you become a registered SHEA trainer you will be authorised to deliver SHEA training for three years (five years for SHEA Gas).

Become a registered SHEA trainer in four steps!

Route to Registration

Approval Route (New Trainer)
STEP ONE: Submit an application with the required evidence to our Quality Assurance team
STEP TWO: Our Quality Assurance team will conduct a desktop review exercise
STEP THREE: Attend a trainer approval workshop
STEP FOUR: Successfully pass continual training and monitoring

Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming a SHEA trainer for any of our industry schemes, then please complete the short form below. A member of our team will then contact you shortly.
Please note that you must hold an EUSR registration for the scheme you wish to deliver. 

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Find Out More

If you are interested in being trained in one of our SHEA schemes you can use our scheme search here which will detail all our SHEA trainers across the UK for the respective industries, or if you have a different enquiry about any of our schemes and programmes, please contact EUSR support on 0121 745 1310 or email