Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Schemes (SHEA)

What is SHEA?

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Our SHEA schemes cover training for the essentials of safety, health and environmental awareness; designed for those working across the energy and utilities sector.

Each SHEA scheme consists of core modules plus contextualised industry specific modules. We currently have SHEA schemes for the following industries:

We also have additional SHEA schemes including SHEA Cross-Country Pipelines (CCP), SHEA Core and SHEA SWITCH. To find out more about each of our specific SHEA schemes and how they are contextualised to industry, click on the relevant link above.

Want to be trained in SHEA?

Do you work in any of the industries listed above, and as part of your role, are required to know the fundamentals of safety, health and environmental awareness? If so, then SHEA could be the right scheme for you.

SHEA is a recognised scheme across the energy & utilities sector and, as part of your registration, you are also permitted access to CSCS controlled sites.

All SHEA registrations last for three years (five years for SHEA Gas).

Find Training

If you are interesting in being trained in one of our SHEA schemes and obtaining an EUSR registration, please click here to search for SHEA Trainers.

Find Out More

If you are interested in being trained in one of our SHEA schemes you can use our scheme search here which will detail all our SHEA trainers across the UK for the respective industries.

If you have a different enquiry about any of our schemes and programmes, please contact EUSR support on 0121 745 1310 (option 1) or email