Escape, Locate and Repair (ELR)


Individuals registered for Escape, Locate & Repair (ELR) must ensure that they have completed the following units as part of City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Network Construction Operations (Gas).

Depending on the City and Guilds qualification, individuals will be also be registered as either ‘Self-Lay’ or ‘Distribution’.  Individuals who complete the Repair & Maintenance pathway will be registered for the appropriate NCO (Gas) category on the Distribution pathway plus Escape, Locate & Repair.

Registration of this category is not available to those who have completed the Self-Lay pathway or those being re-registered for the Self-Lay pathway.

  • 217 Restore gas network components to operational condition by repair
  • 218 Conduct specified testing of gas network associated with leakage location
  • 304 Minimise risks to life, property and the environment during Gas escapes
  • 305 Analyse and interpret the results of surveys to determine the location of gas escapes

 Please Note: Mains/Service Layer (Distribution pathway) is a pre-requisite for Escape, Locate and Repair.

An ELR registration may be claimed at the same time as NCO registration/re-registration provided the evidence requirements are met.

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