Scope of Content


This is a guide to the subjects and activities of which competent individuals would be expected to have knowledge in order to be registered under the scheme; these subjects are incorporated in the training course. This list is not exhaustive and may be modified or amended as required.

Part I

  • Background of in-situ spray-applied resin lining
  • Material formulation and details
  • Material, machinery and personnel accreditation criteria
  • Details of operational requirements and the Code of Practice
  • Cleaning and lining machinery
  • Cleaning and lining process
  • Inspection criteria
  • Understanding of monitoring system
  • CCTV inspection
  • Recognition and rectification of lining defects
  • Principles of disinfection
  • Quality Assurance paperwork
  • Health and safety
  • Requirements of ISO 9001

Part II

  • Lining rig operation, maintenance, cleaning and calibration
  • Application head operation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Weight checks
  • Determination of spin-up times
  • Cleaning and lining process
  • Pre- and post-lining inspections
  • CCTV operation and interpretation
  • Principles of disinfection
  • Rectification of lining defects
  • Completion of Quality Assurance paperwork
  • Health and safety

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